Friday, 26 April 2013

Essie - Maximillian Strasse Her

I saw this in Boots the other day and was somehow drawn to it, without really knowing why. I wasn't looking for a grey polish. This is Essie's Maximillian Strasse Her.  
maximillian strasse her 2
I had no idea what the name was about, but a google tells me that this Essie collection is named after famous shopping streets, and that Maximillianstrasse is in Munich. I have no idea why Essie have split it into two words though, or added a 'her' on the end. The other names in this collection make just about as much sense too in my opinion. ANYWAY, never mind, as this is a lovely pale blueish grey. This is two coats, with topcoat. Formula is excellent - smooth and quickly opaque. One coat was almost enough, but I had used quite a thin coat so it wasn't totally perfect, so I added a second. 
maximillian strasse her 1
I love Essie brushes, the curve is just the right size for my nails, and it helps get a very precise and clean application. I really like this grey. I think it's really pretty with it's blueish tinge. I vote SUCCESS on this one.


  1. I LOVE bluey greys, I really need this one soon, no buys suck. Love your blog!:)

    1. Aw, thanks!

      Yes, they're pretty, aren't they. This reminds me a bit in shade of I Have a Herring Problem. I want to make a cloud/rain/umbrella mani with this Essie one.

    2. That one is one I've wanted for ages! And YES. That would be so cute:) I have a great Sally Hansen Grey, I think it's called Grey by Grey, it's got that bluey tone, I need more of this, I think I'm obsessed with grey ha.

  2. This is really cute. I was so gonna say it looked like IHAHP, but then I saw your comment ablve, lol. :D

    1. Haha! Great minds think alike! IHAHP has the added shimmer, but yes, I think they're very similar.


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