Thursday, 25 April 2013

Butter London - Disco Biscuit

I was very excited to see at the weekend that Boots is now stocking Butter London! I have seen Butter London polishes on blogs and been very impressed. I have also tried Knackered, and liked it, so I was very keen to try out some more. Tonight I have Disco Biscuit to show you.
disco biscuit 2
Disco Biscuit is a very sheer, bright pink, with lots of tiny purpley-blue glitter particles. This is two coats of Barry M Shocking Pink as a base (because Disco Biscuit really is sheer!) and then two coats of Disco Biscuit, and two coats of topcoat. Disco Biscuit does dry rather dull and a little rough, so I found you really do have to pile on the top coat.
disco biscuit 3
I think this is pretty, without it blowing me away. I was expecting a bit more, somehow.  Formula was fine, although perhaps it could be less sheer. And the glitter just wasn't as visible as I'd hoped.
disco biscuit 1
Butter London polishes are available in larger branches of Boots, for £12 each. I was a bit shocked at the price, I have to say! That's twice the price of a China Glaze, and four times the price of a standard Barry M! If the polish was really amazing I wouldn't mind paying it, but I don't think this is four times nicer than a Barry M.


  1. That's a real shame, it looks stunning in the bottle. I've picked up a couple with matching lip gloss in TK Maxx recently, and found the glitters to be lovely (Rosie Lee and West End Wonderland) They were only £10 then for the duo, which is a bit more reasonable, £12 for one polish is a bit steep.

    1. I agree, I wouldn't mind £12 if it was a real stunner.

      I've also got the Black Knight, so I'll see if that's better.

  2. Ohhh I adore butter London! I came across it at a butter salon at Seattle airport when I was in the US and have been addicted ever since. I'm pretty excited that boots are stocking it now - though perhaps not at the cost of £12! I've got all of mine so far from eBay a bit cheaper but you can't always find all the colours. Disco biscuit looks cute! I think diamond geezer is one of my favourites. The bottles look just so gorgeous too!!

    1. Yes, I liked the bottles too. THey're nice and neat when you have several lined up, which I like.


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