Saturday, 20 April 2013

Snooker Nails Time!

If you've been following me for a while, you may know that I LOVE snooker. I watched it as a kid with my dad, I watched it as a teenager, and after a few years' hiatus when I was a student and forgot about it, I've been going to the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield to watch the World Championships for the last eleven (omg! it really is that long!) years. The World Championship started today in Sheffield and and of course I was there, with my nails, to watch.
snooker nails 2013 4
I have used Barry M Spring Green (this is my go-to snooker baize nail varnish, haha!) as a base, and then added rhinestones to make the balls of a 147. 
snooker nails 2013 3
There are 15 reds, and then yellow-green-brown-blue-pink-an-black (name that choon!) although my yellow isn't very yellow, and somehow my brown looks orange in these photos. 
snooker nails 2013 1
These were so sparkly! 
snooker nails 2013 2
Unfortunately the rhinestones didn't last the whole day, but I felt nicely glitzy while they lasted.

I am far more happy with these than I was with last year's nails. I've also managed to find a photo of 2011's nails:
snooker nails 2011
Oh dear!

And the less said about 2009's nails the better! 
snooker nails 1

snooker nails 2
I'm disgusted at myself! I keep thinking my nails, my painting and my photos are rubbish, but I just need to look back at these to realise that there has been some improvement in the last year or two! 


  1. OMG snooker sparkles!!! I think I slightly love you. I can't think, there is snooker happening on the tellybox.

    1. I'm watching MW & MW on Eursport with NEAL FOULDS!!

    2. You & me both. Stupid BBC with their stupid commentators.

  2. These are so pretty. I love that green.

  3. Hello! I know this post is a year old, but I had to comment and say how much I love your snooker nails. You inspired me to do my own for this year's Worlds! (I have photos if you'd like to see, but I'm fairly new to nail art - just started doing acrylics as well - so I'm not too skilled yet...)

    I've also seen you on an LJ comm (won't say which one, but it's died a death anyway, sadly). Snooker and nails are both excellent things!

    1. Hello! thank you - yes, I'm always up for seeing snooker nails - there aren't enough out there!

      Ah, the old SS days... happy memories. :)


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