Sunday, 21 April 2013

Essie Blanc

Just a quick swatch post this morning. I was needing a new white polish. Not that I'd wear white nail varnish on its own, but I use it quite often as a base for other things, and the white I have (Models Own Pro French White) is fine as a French tip, but very awkward to use as a base colour. Yesterday I bought Essie Blanc to try out.
essie blanc 1
This is two coats, without topcoat.
essie blanc 2
This is a huge improvement on my previous white polish! It's not perfect, and it's nothing amazingly special, but while the first coat is streaky (is there a white polish out there that isn't streaky on the first coat??) the second is opaque and clean.  I love the Essie brushes. The curve is just right for my nail size, and there was absolutely minimal cleanup needed on this, unlike with the Models Own white that I've used previously, which pooled all over my cuticles.

I'm now off to use this as a base for my first attempt at some nail art with brushes! I've got a very exciting set of brushes from the Born Pretty Store, and I'm both excited and nervous about trying them out!

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