Monday, 6 May 2013

Argh! Still can't blog properly..

So my old laptop is dead, deceased, an ex laptop. I have now bought a shiny new one, but for one reason and another I still can't blog yet. I have no photo editing software (my Photoshop Elements on my old laptop isn't transferrable apparently) and I'm not online (my very old modem isn't compatible with shiny new USB3 ports, and anyway the details of my internet connection are stored safely in my old (dead) laptop and can't be retrieved. I need to contact my ISP, but they're not proving easy to work with!

So in the meantime, I am painting my nails and taking photos, but I can't edit them or upload them or get them on my blog. I'm sitting in a coffee shop now, using free WiFi and googling for free downloadable photo editing software that isn't impossible to understand and/or useless. If I can at least find a way of editing photos then I could potentially blog this way for a bit, until I get my home internet connection sorted out...

So all in all - aargh! If you know of a decent photo editing programme that I can get online please let me know! I can read your comments on my phone so long as I'm careful (I am approaching my mobile data useage limit, lol?) 

In the meantime... byeeee! *waves*


  1. Try pixlr for editing maybe, its the closest free thing to photoshop I know of!

  2. Pixlr is a great online substitute, but if you're looking for a programme you can download and use offline, I'd recommend Gimp( Hope this helps =)

    1. Thanks! I've heard Gimp mentioned before (The Nailasaurus recommended it, so it can't be bad!) so I'll try it. Doesn't mention Windows 8, but we'll see!

  3. Yeah, I say go with gimp, or picasa :)


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