Friday, 10 May 2013

I'm Back!

I'm back! It's been TWO WEEKS since I was able to get online at home, and I'm so excited to be back - isn't that ridiculous?  I bought a new laptop (my old one died of coffee/milk/sugar poisoning, caused by cat) - and by the way I am NOT a fan of Widows 8! - but still couldn't get online for another week because my ISP had to send me a new router, as the old one wasn't compatible with Widows 8!   So anyway, here I am, and normal service will be resumed asap.

I still can't edit photos properly - I've downloaded Gimp and Picasa, but I'm not convinced by either yet. I obviously need to spend a lot of time working on them - I can't get used to how complicated Gimp is! (Can anyone advise easily how you can save a pic there as a JPEG?) and Picasa isn't as useful as my old Photoshop Elements was (also not compatible with this computer!) So I apologise for the photos here.

While I was offline, here are some of the nails I wore:

Butter London The Black Knight.  This is two coats over a coat of Rimmel Black Out.

black knight 3
I have to say, I was a bit disappointed with The Black Knight. It wasn't as sparkly or as amazing as I hoped it would be. Application was nice, it was smooth and dried fine (although the finish was gritty, it does need topcoat) but it just wasn't as awesome as I thought it should be.
black knight 1

black knight 2

I also did more snooker nails - the yellow and blue is the setting of the snooker World Champs this year (they had a blue carpet and a yellow side wall, with arches cut out at the bottom), the thumb is obviously the triangle of reds, and the accent nail is my attempt at the World Championship trophy using a Barry M Silver nail art pen.  The other colours are Barry M - Cobalt Blue, Yellow, Spring Green and Red.
snooker nails 2013 3

snooker nails 2013 2


  1. oohh i wish i wish i wish i could have black knight hahaa! gorgeous nails!

  2. Welcome back! I love your snooker nails. I never got as far as anything this year.

    I like Black Knight, mind you, it's pretty.

    Have you managed to get hold of the new Barry M Confettis yet? They haven't got them in my Superdrug, I need a decent sized shop I think.

    1. Thanks! Yes, Black Knight is pretty, I'm just not sure it's worth £12!

      I haven't seen the COnfettis yet, no. I don't think they're out yet, are they? Mind you, I'm not really looking. I have to say, the swatches I've seen online are absolutely hideous, I am not a fan at all and won't be trying them.

  3. Barry M have a polish that is almost exactly the same as Black Night for the usual £2.99, for the bargain hunters out there :) it is possibly a bit less sparkly, but it's hard to tell as your photos are taken in bright light. Is very very similar anyway and for a quarter if the price, no contest really!

    Thought I'd let you know!

    1. Thanks. Do you mean Amethyst Glitter? I've got that, and yes they are similar. They both need a tonne of topcoat to make them work though!

  4. Also, I think I must have grabbed a duff bottle of Black Out. I'm trying it out for the first time tonight (to go under Orly Androngynie), and I'm waiting to be impressed. Nasty flat wide brush, and the first coat was horribly streaky. Back to my random cheapy from a goth shop with an awkward cap.

    (I actually meant Sequin above for Barry M, but they have both Sequin & Confetti as new ranges. I am clearly having one of those days.)

    1. I really like the brush, it's just the right shape for me. I've never had it streaky either, so maybe I've been lucky.

      I'm not sure which is sequin and which is confetti now, I'm all confused! But I've seen some truly horrible swatches of somenew Barry M glitters recently!

    2. Sequin is the lumpy glittery mess. Confetti is skinny bars like nails inc feather, bars but not glitter. I think I'm avoiding both.

    3. Ah yes. Both look really ugly to me.


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