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Elegant Touch Nail Wraps

When the lovely people at Elegant Touch asked me if I'd like to review some of their new nail wraps, I was quite excited, as I've seen these in shops (they're stocked in Superdrug and Boots) and had been very tempted, but wasn't sure I'd be able to get them to work, as I've had zero success with fake nails (they never fit my nails). I wasn't expecting them to send me THREE sets!
elegant touch wraps 1
Look! Aren't they pretty?! These are 3 sets of the 'bling' nail wraps, which are on sale for between £5 and £7 per pack in Superdrug, although they're sometimes on special offer if you're lucky.  Of these three, the Dotty Nude ones were the least appealing to me (they're pretty, but nowhere near as pretty as the other two) so I thought I'd try those first, in case I made a complete hash of it, as I didn't want to ruin the other two packs.  And I'm glad I did!
elegant touch wraps dotty hot pink
Each pack comes with 18 wraps (a peculiar number!), an emery board, and full instructions. The Dotty Nude set had some wraps with diamante pieces and some with pearly white pieces. I had originally intended to do alternate nails with diamante and pearls, but the sizes didn't work like that. I found it really difficult to get sizes to fit my nails. There were quite a lot of wraps (6 I think!) that only fitted my little nails and were too narrow for all the others, which meant that there weren't enough other sizes to do all my nails. There were some very wide wraps which I cut down to fit my thumb and ring fingers, although that was awkward and fiddly, so in the end I didn't bother with my right hand.  The actual application was super easy on the nails that did fit - my little and index fingers. It's just a case of carefully placing the wrap, smoothing it down, and filing off the extra at the tip. I thought my little and index fingers looked great, until I saw the macro shots!
elegant touch wraps dotty nude
The wraps themselves are fine and soft, easily pliable and easy to remove at the start if you've slightly mis-positioned it on your nail. However, I found that on my ring finger, the wrap just couldn't handle the curve of my nail, and I ended up with that ugly crease at the tip. There's also a notch on the tip of my middle finger where a diamante piece just happened to be on the very edge of the nail.  I also found it impossible to cut the wraps neatly down to size to fit my nails, without making a mess of the sides. I was so disappointed with how these looked in the end! It's probably my fault - my nails are an odd size, or my skills are just lacking... There are tiny creases everywhere, which didn't show up much in real life, but which bothered me. In the end, these didn't stay on longer than an hour, and I wouldn't have worn them out because I didn't have enough wraps to do my right hand to match anyway.

I'm gutted! I am pretty sure that many people will love these - the designs are so pretty, and the quality seems really good. I just don't have the nails or the skills to put them on properly. I can't decide whether to try again with the pink ones, or whether to put them in a giveaway for my readers...

These products were provided for my honest review. Please see my Disclosure tab for more information.  



  1. I have only tried Nail Rock wraps that came in my glossybox once, but I couldn't get them to work at all - the size issue and I struggled with getting rid of the excess. Yours look much neater than mine (I gave up after one nail so I wasn't exactly dedicated!).

    I've seen some that are really neat on people though so praps it is an odd sized nail/technique thing. (And for me, lack of patience!)

    1. I've seen Nail Rock ones and thought they seemed really thick and rigid - these ones seem much much nicer. But yeah... not really for me, sadly.

  2. Yes! Rigid, that's what the Nail Rock ones were exactly. Like plasters for your nails.

  3. I can't do wraps at all. I've tried a few times, but just end up with a creased mess, but one of my colleagues manages them really well. Even the hairdryer trick doesn't work for me.

  4. I love nail wraps and agree they can be tricky to apply you just have to take your time and have so much patience I've never heard of them being ridged before, the only trouble I have is having very little width to my nails so they are always too big!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. I might try once more with the pink ones, because they are sooo pretty! I really wanted these to work but I just didn't have the skill. I had no idea my nails were so odd in size!


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