Sunday, 30 June 2013

Barry M Blue Grape and Limited Edition Bright Green

I hadn't got any of the newest Barry M Gelly range, as I was a bit disappointed with the last few I tried. However, in Superdrug the other day I spotted Blue Grape Gelly, and decided to give it a try. I also got the boringly-named Superdrug Limited Edition B, which is a bright (not quite neon) green and has a cute tribal pattern cap.
blue grape + sle green 1
This is two coats of Blue Grape. The first coat is a little sheer, but the second evens this out. I like the colour a lot - it's vibrant and rich, and very glossy. It is still a bit sheer, especially in the sun, but I think it looks fine.
blue grape + sle green 3
The green, however, is ridiculously sheer. This is FIVE - yes really! - coats, and it's still not properly opaque. I should have put it on over white, and I will if I bother to wear it again. However, I have other, far better, bright green polishes, such as the China Glaze neons I have, so I may not bother.  
blue grape + sle green 2
Blue Grape costs £3.99 and the SLE B is £2.99 in Superdrug, but is also free if you spend £6 on Barry M.  There is also a bright pink version with a zebra print cap, also free with a £6 Barry M spend.

Overall conclusion: I really like Blue Grape, I'm not impressed by SLE B (green).

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