Sunday, 25 August 2013

Jacava Chocolate Melts

Today I have another Jacava polish for you, Chocolate Melts. I won this on Twitter!  I definitely recommend following Jacava if you do Twitter - they have regular giveaways and competitions. You can find them on @JacavaOfficial

I have to say now - I am a huge fan of Jacava. However, I am NOT a huge fan of chocolate! This polish is the colour of the type of chocolate that I really don't like! Far too sweet and claggy and icky for me. If I do eat chocolate it's usually very dark, bitter chocolate.  So instead I'm thinking of this as a coffee colour!
jacava chocolate melts 1
This is two coats of Chocolate Melts, no topcoat. As usual, this polish is a superb quality. The formula is even and smooth and applies so well. The colour is pigmented, rich, and very glossy, and as I've said in previous Jacava posts, I LOVE the Jacava brush. The long handle is just perfect for application; I like to hold it with one finger right at the end, which somehow makes it really easy to guide the brush. Of course, the long gold lid also looks a bit fancier than a run of the mill bottle - these do look a bit special lined up on my polish shelf!
jacava chocolate melts 2
Isn't this a pretty colour? 

You can buy Jacava polishes on Amazon UK, and on the Jacava website.


  1. Beautiful colour isn't it? I had half a mind to do some kind of nail art teaming it with a purple foil (Rimmel Baby Bellini looks about right) for the full on Cadbury effect.

    It's my first Jacava polish & I can see why you like them.

    1. I saw your tweet about the purple - I think that's a good idea, although I dislike Cadbury's choc quite a lot really.

      I've tried 4 Jacava colours now, and they've all been excellent, really nice quality.

  2. You are right - that is definitely the colour of too sweet chocolate. Looks great on nails though :)


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