Monday, 12 August 2013

Water Decals - Laces & Bows

I've been really lacking in nail inspiration recently, hence the lack of blogging, sorry!  I wore my last nails (the blue feathers) for a whole week without changing them. These are the nails I've worn for the last couple of days - I just sort of threw them together, and to be honest I feel rather ambivalent about them.
laces decals 2
This is a base of Claire's Color Changing Calm/Wild, a purpley pink metallic foil. When warm it's a pale pink, and turns darker purple when cool.  I then added some Born Pretty water decals with a shoelace/bow pattern and silver details.  See the review of this decal set here.
laces decals 1
I do like water decals - they're so easy to use, and they do jazz up a dull polish, especially on those days when you don't really have the energy or inspiration to do anything more complicated.
laces decals 3


  1. They're quite corset-y these decals. On a good bright red they could look very sexy, IMO.

    Your nails are looking stunningly long at the moment, wish I could say the same.

    1. I have enough for another go, maybe I'll try it over red!

      ANd thanks, yes my nails just keep growing and not breaking at the moment!


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