Saturday, 21 September 2013

2true Pro - Naomi, and a Purple-Silver Glitter Gradient

Tonight I have a third of the 2true Pro Sequins range for you - this is Naomi, the purple one.
naomi 1
This is two coats of Naomi, with topcoat.
naomi 2
Naomi is a gorgeous lilac-purple glitter. It has the same excellent quality as the previous two (Elle and Christy) but with this stunning purple colour. Without topcoat it's a slightly paler lilac than you can see here, but topcoat not only makes it super glossy, it also slightly darkens the shade of purple as well.
naomi 3
Isn't this gorgeous?  I loved it so much that I decided to add some of the silver glitter, Christy. 
naomi + christy gradient 1
(Urgh, I wish my scratches would hurry up and heal!)
naomi + christy gradient 2
I sponged this on the tips of my nails, and then added more topcoat.
naomi + christy gradient 3
The Sequins range is really good, in my opinion! These sell in Superdrug for £4, and as well as the three I've tried, there is also a blue and a gold. I think I definitely have to go and buy the gold one, being such a fan of gold and these being so good.

These polishes were provided for honest review. See my disclaimer for more information.


  1. Embee, forgotten-me-login21 September 2013 at 20:44

    I'm not keen on very very glittery polishes on me (mainly for removal reasons!) but I like them on other people and I love the gradient. I haven't seen glitter used for gradients before and it works v. well.

    It reminds me of a posh evening gown.

    I don't know why.

    1. Tinfoil method! Or pva base! Or pure acetone, this wiped off super easy.

      Ooooh, imagine a nevening dress that's all purple glitter with silver diamantes round the bottom in a gradient!

  2. Like this but nicer:

    Or this:

    I must have seen one somewhere.

    1. I was thinking more like this...

      Only with more silvers round the bottom too.

  3. Very pretty :) I love glitter gradients but haven't done one for a while. Must sort that out!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I've only ever done a couple of gradients, and I was quite pleased with how this came out.

  4. I just did a review on 2True polishes.I think they are great.
    I like this post!the purple and silver work well together :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, me too, I've been so impressed with these polishes, I'll definitely be buying more. It's not really a brand I'd tried before, but they're excellent.


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