Sunday, 22 September 2013

Models Own Obsidian

This is Obsidian from the Models Own collection of mattes, Velvet Goth. I've seen these polishes on other blogs and not liked them very much, so I'm not quite sure why I bought this! But I was in Boots the other day, and they had Models Own on buy one get one half price, and I ended up with this and a few others...
obsidian matte 2
So, this is two/three-ish coats of Obsidian, with no topcoat.
obsidian matte 1
I hate it!

Application is weird - the first coat is sheer and lumpy and odd. It's a sheer black polish with tiny black glitter, small silver glitter and larger silver holo glitter, and it dries to a 'velvet matte' finish, which to me is just a dull sort of look.
obsidian matte 3
The bottle cap is covered in a faux-velvet material which reminds me of fuzzy felt. The polish just looks really disappointing, in my opinion. It's not smooth (the finish is rather lumpy, with the amount of glitter) and the glitter pieces hide under the black polish, so the shine only really shows on the ones that are at the surface. It looks much better in the bottle.

However, if you add topcoat, this does improve:
obsidian glossy 5
I like this a lot more like this! Having said that, it isn't hard to improve on the first look. I know lots of people really like this collection, but I'm afraid I just don't  really get it.
obsidian glossy 1
It's definitely nicer glossy, I think. The polish is smoother (I used two coats of Seche Vite) and much shinier, and the glitter shows up a lot better.
obsidian glossy 2

obsidian glossy 4

I've tried quite a lot of polishes that are black with glitter in, and so far, none of them have been what I've hoped for.  Oh well!


  1. Hmmm... I think it's trying to be a sand/pixie dust finish, but failing?

    1. I'm not sure - I think it's trying to be something else. It's not gritty like sands, more of a matte smooth texture - it does feel a BIT like velvet. But I don't like how it looks. Oh well...


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