Wednesday, 25 September 2013

2true Shade 8 + Jennifer Loose Glitter

This is the last of my 2true polishes.  This is Shade 8, a limited edition from the Crystals range.
2true shade 8 1
This is three thin coats of Shade 8. It is a fairly sheer browny-purple base, packed full of fuschia and some turquoise glitter.
2true shade 8 3
For some reason, this polish doesn't have the same flat brush as the red polish I tried last week, which disappointed me. The brush is perfectly ok, but I preferred the flatter one.  The formula is fine, although it is a little runnier than some polishes, so it is a bit trickier round the cuticles than it could be. However, I think it's worth it, as the finished effect is really nice!
2true shade 8 2
This slightly blurry photo gives you some idea of the glitter effect, and the colours that are in there.

I think that next time, I might layer this over black, as it is fairly sheer, and I think it would make it opaque in one coat.

After having worn this for a day at work, my Seche Vite topcoat had made the tips shrink a bit, so I decided to add some glitter! I taped off my nail tips with sellotape, added topcoat, and sprinkled the next of the loose glitter pots from 2true, Jennifer (the pink one).  This is SO sparkly it's almost insane!  .
2true shade 8 + jennifer 2
I mean... look at it!

I love this glitter! It's so fine and soft that it doesn't leave a thick layer of glitter, and it sticks really well in topcoat. Through an evening of cooking, eating, typing and playing with the cat, I don't seem to have shed any glitter from these.
2true shade 8 + jennifer 1
This polish and glitter go together really well, as they both have the pink and turquoise hints in there.
2true shade 8 + jennifer 3

Shade 8 polish sells for £1.99 in Superdrug, and the glitter (Sparkles Nail Art in Jennifer) costs £4. Superdrug often has special offers such as 3 for 2 as well, so it's always easy to pick these up for a pretty good price.

These products were provided for honest review purposes. Please see my Disclaimer section for more details.


  1. Wow! I really love that color and the purple accent glitter really pops over it

  2. That glitter looks great, I love the shape too.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I like how the tape left the edge of the glitter really clean and crisp too.


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