Friday, 13 September 2013

Broadway Nails Color Changing Stickers

These stickers were part of my birthday present from a friend last week, and I was really excited to try them. Apparently you can buy these in Boots, but I've never seen them, so maybe she has a better Boots than I do!
colour change stickers 5

These are by Broadway Nails, and has two sheets of stickers - one set of colour changing white flowers, and one set of non-changing black and silver swirly bits, stars and butterflies.
colour change stickers 6
The white ones change colour in UV light (sunlight). As you can see though, the change is a little on the subtle side! They change to pale yellow/pink/blues in sunshine. I have to admit that I did not have bright sunshine today, but it was sunshine, honest!

I wore these over China Glaze Tart- For the Party, which is a lovely, pretty lilac with a really good formula.  They looked so pretty, but then I had a big fail!
colour change stickers 1
In fact, this wasn't my first fail either. I tried these a couple of days ago, and added Seche Vite, which made the stickers shrivel up and go all funny.  So this time, I checked the pack to see that you can definitely use topcoat (you can) and I added a non-fast drying one (this was Sally Hansen Miracle Shine) and a similar thing happened again, as well as bubbles!  Argh!

colour change stickers 3
Still, the stickers are really pretty, and the white on lilac look is really nice. Next time I think I just won't bother with topcoat.
colour change stickers 4
I'm not convinced by the colour change aspect of these - it's so subtle that it's almost invisible; or maybe I just need better sunshine! 

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  1. I can just about see the colour change on the solid ones on your first finger, but otherwise they're invisible. Cute designs though.


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