Sunday, 6 October 2013

Models Own Fireworks Collection - Catherine Wheel and Rocket

I saw these in Boots the other week and couldn't resist!  They were on special offer of buy one, get one half price. This is Catherine Wheel (the gold one) and Rocket (the red one) over black.
models own fireworks 3
The black is my standard Rimmel Black Out, two coats. Then I've added one generous coat of the Models Own glitter over the black - Catherine Wheel on my thumb and ring finger, Rocket on the others.
models own fireworks 2
Rocket is a very dense glitter, packed full of tiny blue, green and silver microglitter, some small orange hex glitter, and red bar glitter. It's very sparkly!
models own fireworks 4
Catherine Wheel is slightly less dense, and has the tiniest gold bar glitter, small red hex glitter and holo gold bar glitter. This is even sparklier! 

I especially liked that these glitters don't smell bad, the way previous Models Own glitters I've tried have done. The Mirrorball collection smelt so bad I really struggle to wear them. These just smell of normal nail varnish. Also, the glitters are small enough to lie flat and dry properly, unlike the Mirrorball collection.
models own fireworks 5
I really like both of these glitters, and I'm quite tempted to go back and buy more of the collection!
models own fireworks 1
The blurry shot gives you an idea of the sparkle!

These are available in Boots (and online) for £5 each, although you may well find them on special offers in Boots regularly.  I give these a thumbs up!


  1. sadly Models Own are not available in my country but once I was in England a bought a few bottles and I'm just amzed! you mani is so beautiful :)

    1. Thank you! It's a shame you can't buy them!

  2. I love the micro-bars, they're amazing. I couldn't see them on my phone, so I've had to use the real internet to see what you meant. So sparkly.


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