Saturday, 12 October 2013

China Glaze Travel in Colour Topcoat

I spotted this on the counter in my local shop the other day - China Glaze Travel in Colour. It's an iridescent topcoat, which is part of the 2013 Christmas collection (the Holiglaze collection). The shop didn't have any of the others in yet, just this one.
travel in colour 3
This is Travel in Colour on its own. It's a translucent, iridescent topcoat with tons of pinkish purple sparkles.
travel in colour 1
First I tried it over the polish I was wearing that day, Zoya Solange (a favourite gold and a favourite textured polish) and it added a lovely shimmery pinkish tinge to the top of the gold.  It wasn't terribly obvious but it was pretty.
travel in colour 2
Then I tried it on top of some other colours - here it is over pink, red and black:
travel in colour 7
I then painted my nails black (Rimmel Black Out of course), taped them off with sellotape and added a coat of Travel in Colour, which gave this look:
travel in colour 4
I love how it looks!
travel in colour 6
It transforms the colour underneath and makes it super sparkly with lots of pink and purple, but also green and gold, depending on the light. It was quite hard to capture the purple side of it, but the blurry shots show it up quite well.

travel in colour 5
Travel in Colour sells for the usual China Glaze price, but is a smaller bottle than usual, at 9.6ml only.
travel in colour 8
I especially like that the label has British spelling! I wonder if the US version has US spelling, I'm guessing so..

I like this, and I'm sure I'll be trying it out over all sorts of things in the coming weeks.


  1. LOL! I will check the US spelling on this for you, when I see it in stores. ;-)
    Seeing you post, this polish reminds me of a small, no-name one I have (untried) in a snowman-shaped bottle.
    Now I wonder what that taped mani would look like over a matte black... hhmmm... =)

  2. I love it on the red. Is it a texture? It looks it on top of the colours.

    1. It's a little matte-ish without topcoat but the glitter is so fine it's not textured really.

  3. Oooh looks interesting. I might have to get some and swatch it alongside Essie Kisses and Bises which also has a iridescent finish but maybe not the shimmer of Travel in Colour. Love it over black :)

    1. That would be interesting! I haven't tried Kisses & Bises, but I have seen it on other people, and it looks a bit pearlier to me. Would be interesting to see them side by side.

  4. My local nail supply let me buy their sample bottles (they'd somehow worked their way out into the general population). My label is spelled the UK way, and I am in Indiana. BTW, does your bottle have a regular stock number on it, somewhere in the 1250s or 1260s? My bottle only has the 5 digit number on there, and that doesn't play well with my polish spreadsheet.

    1. Buying sample bottles! What a great idea! I'm totally asking my shop about that!

      I just had to check mine, and no, there's no regular number there, I hadn't noticed it. I don't put them on my spreadsheet (I'm so glad someone does though!)


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