Friday, 4 October 2013

OPI Danke Shiny Red + Water Decals

Yesterday I wore OPI Danke Shiny Red, which I love - it's a gorgeous bright red, with a metallic shine to it.  Today I jazzed it up by adding some water decals. These are from the set I was sent for review from the Born Pretty Store
danke shiny red + water decals 1
Because the water decals I chose have a small circle on the ring finger, I first added a black circle glitter inside the circle. However, I thought it looked a bit small, so I changed it for a rhinestone.
danke shiny red + water decals 3
I do love water decals! They're so easy to use, and they make a really basic mani look so fancy!  People complimented these at work all day today.
danke shiny red + water decals 2


  1. I don't know if it's the colour combination, the time of year, or what, but the bow on the thumb decal keeps on looking like a spider to me, and I think you've done a Hallowe'en mani a bit early! The gem is a great addition to your ring finger.


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