Sunday, 29 September 2013

Pink & Grey - and More Glitter!

Today I have been wearing one of my favourite pinks, Jacava's Raspberry Bavarois.  You can see my original review of this here. It's a lovely bright pink crème, superb quality, and I love it.
raspberry bavarois + silver glitter 1
I've paired it here with Essie's Maximilian Strasse-her on my ring finger, and then added a ton of the Born Pretty Store round glitters (see review here) which are stuck down with topcoat.
raspberry bavarois + silver glitter 3
It's been a really sunny day today; these looked fabulous in the sunshine!
raspberry bavarois + silver glitter 2
I really do love these glitters, they're so sparkly and easy to use.



  1. this is a lovely mani :) I like your blog too new follower here <3 xxx


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