Sunday, 13 October 2013

Opi Rock Goddess - Hallowe'en 2013 Set

I'm a sucker for packaging! I saw this set in my local shop the other day and bought it (about £9 I think) without reading any reviews online, which was a bit of a mistake!
opi rock goddess 1
I like the packaging(although apparently I can't take a decent photo of it!), and the free bracelet!
opi rock goddess 2

These are the polishes. Yellowpalooza, Stand in Lime for Days, Rolling Bones and The Drummer is Hot.
opi rock goddess 5
The Drummer is Hot is almost identical to Roll in the Hague, from the Holland collection (although the formula is not as good - more on that later.)
opi rock goddess 3
Stand in Lime for Days is almost identical to Fiercely Fiona from the Shrek collection (again, with a less impressive formula).
opi rock goddess 4
The formula on these is poor! REALLY poor. The yellow and the green are very thin and streaky, and took at least three coats to be anywhere near acceptable. These coats then just failed to dry.  Rolling Bones is quite pretty, but again is very very thin and watery, so took at least 3-4 coats to be wearable.  The Drummer is Hot isn't too bad, two coats was enough, but it wasn't anywhere near as good as Roll in the Hague, and was still a bit streaky.
opi rock goddess 6
One coat - streaky!
opi rock goddess 7
Two coats of The Drummer is Hot (it is still streaky, although you can't really see that here) and three coats of all the others.

I did two manis with these, both of which failed completely. One was a tape mani with colour blocking - but the colours were so sheer that they needed so many coats that they just never dried properly, so the tape lifted up half the colour.  The other also just didn't dry, so it dented and smeared about an hour after I finished it. After that, I gave up.

I will wear the bracelet, and I'll probably keep the orange and the grey, but the yellow and the green I think I will pour away so that I can use the bottles for something else. They're THAT bad!

You can buy this set in stores and online for about £10 if you really want to. Or I know where you can get a barely used second hand set for cheap! Lol.


  1. Boo, how disappointing.

    I've been quite lucky with the OPI ones I have, only Birthday....something (silver) was disappointing due to being streaky and brush marky. Planks A Lot and Sparrow Me The Drama take 3 coats but are favourites of mine once they're on.

    Boo to a whole set of rubbish ones, boo I say.

  2. Wow, that really is bad! I was kinda under the impression that all OPI polishes were amazing so this has kinda opened my eyes a little. Can't believe they're that bad!

    1. Don't get me wrong, I have several OPIs that are lovely, and the orange and silvery grey here aren't bad, they're just not great. It's the yellow and green that are very poor.

  3. It's quite an achievement to have a worse formula than Fiercely Fiona, because that's not exactly great itself. I haven't seen this set around here yet, luckily it seems.

    1. And yet there's something about Fiercely Fiona that I really like...

  4. Yesterday I found a lot of these sets "dumped" for cheap at a local discount store. (That sure didn't happen with 2012's So So Skullicious set.) But I decided that even that discounted price was "too much" just for the cute bracelet. ;-)


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