Sunday, 20 October 2013

Pink & Red Glitter Nails

I love pink and red together! It reminds me of sweets and dessert somehow. I remember having school puddings of pale pink custard with red jam in... ANYWAY, today I have pink and red nails.
pink & red sequins 1
The red is a base of Rimmel Pro Heart on Fire with a coat of China Glaze Ruby Pumps on top. The thumb and ring fingers are Barry M Bright Pink, two coats, and then round glitters from my Born Pretty Store set (see post here).
pink & red sequins 4
It's annoyed me that the glitters aren't quite evenly placed - one or two came out with two attached and I couldn't separate them, and then a few sunk into the polish so look as though they're not circular.  Oh well, it's not actually noticeable in real life.
pink & red sequins 5
These are super sparkly! So of course I've stayed indoors in my pyjamas most of the weekend!
pink & red sequins 2
I do love a bit of glitter!
pink & red sequins 6

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  1. Yummy, the glequins are a great colour match for the Ruby Pumps. I wish I had the patience for glequins & nail art.


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