Saturday, 26 October 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust Half Moons

I'm beginning to think that Zoya is my favourite brand out there. I've not tried one yet that wasn't beautiful - in colour and in quality. Plus they're free of all the nasty chemicals that so many polishes have in. I wish they weren't so hard to get hold of in the UK! I usually buy mine on Amazon.
chynna solange half moons 3
Today's nails are two of the Pixie Dusts, Solange and Chynna. They're both gorgeous! I wore the nails for two days as just three red nails and two gold ones (and the reverse on the other hand) then today I added the half moons using hole reinforcers. 
chynna solange half moons 1
The Pixie Dusts are far and away my favourite of the textured glitters out there. These are nicely rough without being so rough that they catch on your tights, they last so well without chipping or wearing, and the sparkle is just right.
chynna solange half moons 2
I do love red and gold together too!


  1. How easily did the red cover up with the gold? It's always put me off doing contrasts like that, thinking I won't be able to cover the darker one properly.

    1. I was a bit apprehensive about that, but another reason why I love the pixie dusts - covered in one coat to the effect you see here. If you look closely, you can see bits of red through the gold on the tip of my index and the side of my ring finger, but it was only visible in extreme closeup!


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