Saturday, 2 November 2013

Ruby Wing UV Colour Changing Nail Polish

As you may know, I'm a bit obsessed with colour changing nail varnish!  I have several, some of which change in UV light, some of which change by temperature. I spotted the Ruby Wing Cupcakes & Champagne collection on a blog a month or so ago, and have been lusting after them for some time. I finally caved, and bought two of them!
ruby wing 4
This is Rose (the pink one) and Strawberry Shortcake (the gold one). They're not only colour changing, they're also scented!
ruby wing 1
ruby wing 2

Here they are indoors, and in sunlight. As you can see, they change quite a bit! This is British winter sunlight though, so the change isn't nearly as extreme as it could be - there are some bloggers who've achieved really impressive results with better sunshine!
ruby wing 3
Here is two coats of Rose, indoors.  It's a pretty, sparkly, iridescent glitter in a clear pale pink base. This is very similar to Barry M Pink Iridescent.
rose before 2
The sparkles reflect silver-pink-blue shades and are really pretty. It would look nice over a pale pink or white crème base.

rose before 1
Take this outside, and it gets pinker and pinker. It's so pretty! The formula is a little thick and a touch gloopy, but there's nothing too awkward about that.
rose after 1
This dries to a sweetish flowery smell that's not particularly amazing, but it's much nicer than the usual nail polish smell!

rose after 2
Next up is Strawberry Shortcake - and oh my god, is this one a stunner!  I LOVE this! 
strawberry shortcake before 1
Strawberry Shortcake is a densely packed gold glitter in a clear base. This is three coats.  You could layer this though, if you wanted to use less.
strawberry shortcake before 2
The gold is so pretty! It's super sparkly and has shades of pink as well as blue and green in there. 
strawberry shortcake before 3
In sunlight, this darkens and gets pinker and then rustier in tone, whilst still being ridiculously sparkly and effective. 
strawberry shortcake after 3
The formula on this one is a bit more normal and less thick than Rose, and applies easily.
strawberry shortcake after 4
The smell on this is a strawberry-ish cake-ish smell, very reminiscent of those rubbers we used to have in school in the 80s before they were banned when girls got them stuck up their noses...

strawberry shortcake after 2
I mean - come on! Is this one of the most gorgeous polishes you've ever seen, or what?

I bought these on Amazon UK for the slightly wince-inducing sum of £13 each. However, I think they're worth every penny, especially Strawberry Shortcake! You can definitely get them cheaper if you shop around. I'm very tempted by the rest of the collection too!


  1. Oh wow. I've got the first lot of Ruby Wing polishes and have been sooooooooo tempted by these ones. Scented, I'm such a sucker for a good scented polish!

    1. I really REALLY like Strawberry Shortcake! I can see myself wearing that one a lot. The Ruby Wing official site is selling the entire collection for £35, which I kind of wish I'd bought now...

  2. My local nail bar has some of these in stock, must find out the price.

  3. Oooh, I've not seen colour changing with glitter before - very pretty

    1. It's nice isn't it? I still can't really tell if the glitter changes colour (I think not, but then sometimes I think it does) or just the base.

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