Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Zoya Storm

This is the last of the batch of Zoya polishes which I bought recently. This is Storm, which is from the 2012 Christmas collection. I bought Blaze (the red one) last year and loved it, but didn't get round to buying Storm until now.
zoya storm 4
This is two coats of Storm. The first coat is a little patchy, but this is beautifully opaque in two coats.  I added Seche Vite to this, which has caused the tips to shrink slightly, so I regret adding it really. I didn't need topcoat, as Storm is super shiny without it.
zoya storm 2
Storm is a gorgeous black polish filled with tiny scattered holo glitter particles. The formula is really smooth and glossy, it's not gritty glitter at all. I'm a bit disappointed with these photos, as you can't really see the amount of sparkle and holo in there - however, I was pretty limited with what light was available.
zoya storm 1
THIS is what I wanted Orly Goth to look like, or Butter London Black Knight, or that Barry M I tried, or those other black-with-glitter polishes that I've tried over the last couple of years. THIS ONE WORKS!  It's super sparkly in sunlight - not that we've had much of that recently!

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  1. It is SO hard to find a polish that does that. Jessica Black Ice is my current preference, but it's not as good as this. Can't really afford the Zoya though, unless my numbers come up on Saturday night.


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