Sunday, 17 November 2013

Miss Match Chocolate Kiss - Temperature Sensitive Colour Changing Polish

You may know by now how much I love a colour changing polish!  This is another of my bargain cheap purchases from Amazon, Chocolate Kiss from Ferity's Miss Match range.
miss match chocolate kiss 1
The colour(s) of this don't really match the sticker on the bottle, which shows a purple to pink change. This is actually a dark vampy browny-red, which changes to bright scarlet with heat.
miss match chocolate kiss 2
The formula isn't great - this is smelly and streaky, and the brush is basic. However, I don't care, and I love this polish! I just can't get beyond the OMG THIS IS SO COOL-ness of the colour change thing! This is three coats, with topcoat, to which I added a single gold stud from the Born Pretty Store.

The colour change in this is vivid and very fast.
miss match chocolate kiss 5
miss match chocolate kiss 6
Warming up...
miss match chocolate kiss 7
Warming up...
miss match chocolate kiss 8
I love the two-tone look when my hands are warm and the tips of my nails are cold!
miss match chocolate kiss 4
This is the effect of a quick dip under a hot tap.
miss match chocolate kiss 3
And this is a couple of seconds later, as the tips start to cool.

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