Tuesday, 10 December 2013

China Glaze Travel in Colour Topcoat with BPS Lace Water Decals

I've posted about the China Glaze Travel in Colour topcoat before (here) but this was so pretty I had to post again!   I wore Rimmel Pro Ultra Violet for a day, and then added Travel in Colour to see what it looked like. I really liked it!
ultra violet + travel in colour 1
Ultra Violet is a really good crème polish. This was two coats. Travel in Colour adds a gorgeous, shimmery, iridescent sheen to the colour, almost like a very fine veil over the colour. With Ultra Violet, it's softened the brightness of the colour and added a shimmer of silvery pinky blueish highlights.
ultra violet + travel in colour 2
Isn't it pretty? I wore this for a day. Then tonight I decided I wasn't done with it yet, and added some water decals from my Born Pretty Store stash!  These are part of this set.
ultra violet + travel in colour 4
I love water decals! They're just so easy to use, and can totally transform a look. These ones remind me of a strip of lace laid across the nail.
ultra violet + travel in colour 5
I know it's not a Christmassy look at all! But I'm not a huge Christmas fan to be honest - I like it at Christmas, but I can't get excited about it in advance. 
ultra violet + travel in colour 3
I've lost count of how many different times I've used decals from this set to make different looks! It's lots, and I still have loads left! Each design has enough decals for two full manis, and there are 11 different designs in the pack!



  1. That's a fab look, the decals are gorgeous. :)

    1. Thanks! They're nice decals, aren't they?


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