Saturday, 14 December 2013

"Louboutin" Double Sided Manicure in Red & Gold

I've seen these nails online over the last year or so, and every time my nails get long I'm tempted to try them, but have been put off by worrying about cleaning the underneath! But this week my nails are longer than they've every been, and I thought I'd have a go! I've used a combination of red and gold, one of my favourite colour combinations there is.
louboutin mani 1
This is Barry M Christmas limited edition Gold Foil from last Christmas, and Zoya Chynna, from the pixie dust range. 
louboutin mani 2
I often use OPI Nail Envy on both sides of my nails, just for extra strengthening and protection (I use it all the time as a base on my nails) but this time I added an extra coat just in case the gold was really hard to get off later.  Then I painted two coats of Barry M Gold Foil on the reverse sides of my nails. Then I painted two coats of Zoya Chynna on the front of my nails.
louboutin mani 3
I am absolutely in LOVE with how this looks! I can't stop admiring them! The gold catches the light and looks subtly blingy.  Plus I hadn't realise how often I touch the backs of my nails with my tongue (ew, that sounds weird!) when I'm thinking and my fingers are in my mouth - the gold feels super smooth when I do! Makes me realise how rough the surface of my nails must be!
louboutin mani 6
Aren't they pretty?
louboutin mani 4
These are called "Louboutin" nails after the famous red-soled shoes. I don't fancy the shoes, but I love this look on the nails! I was a bit scared to try out red behind my nails though, in case it stained!  Maybe next time...
louboutin mani 5
What do you think?
louboutin mani 7
I have no idea how my nails got so long, by the way! I paint them almost every day, and they have polish on all the time. I use acetone on them almost daily, and I type a LOT and do housework and filing (with big heavy lever arch files) and am digging around in my handbag for keys all the time, and yet they seem really strong at the moment.  I may have to shorted them soon though, as I'm starting to find it awkward to use keypads when paying for things! I keep putting my PIN in wrong!
louboutin mani 8
I snapped this last one on my phone in the sunshine.
louboutin mani 9

I'm so chuffed with this look! I'm definitely going to be doing this again!


  1. That looks fab. I'm jealous, all my nails are rubbish at the moment, I had something like 5 breaks last weekend, thanks to being away.

    1. Thanks!

      Mine all broke badly in early September (crazy busy time at work, I was rushing with the lever arch files) but they've just grown and grown since. I think putting Nail Envy on both sides has made all the difference.


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