Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Deborah Lippmann - Believe

I found a set of three Deborah Lippmann polishes in TK Maxx for £15! I haven't bought a Lippmann for ages; the ones I've seen in recent months just haven't excited me, apart from one, which was apparently a limited edition.  And there it was as part of a set of three in TK Maxx!  Not this gold, but another one - post to follow maybe this weekend!
believe 1
This is Believe, a gold foil that was apparently created with Cher. I thought this would be a bit dull, as it's quite a pale, silvery gold, and not the usual kind of gold I like that is far more yellow.
believe 2
This is two coats of Believe, with topcoat. I love this! Application is great - really nice and smooth, very even and dries well. I've worn this for three days now and it's still perfect, so I'm impressed.
believe 3
This is so shiny, I really like it.
believe 4
I don't think I'd have paid full price for this, but for a fiver, I'm really happy.


  1. very pretty gold! i dont think i have anything like it but i want to!

  2. I've found quite a few Lippmann limited editions in TK Maxx recently, it's done my stash the world of good. Haven't seen that gold though, very nice.


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