Wednesday, 18 December 2013

MoYou London Stamping Plates! Snowflakes

Have you seen the MoYou London stamping plates? I'm sure you have, they seem to be all over every nail blog at the moment! I haven't ever really done stamping before, apart from trying a boring tiny plate from the pound shop... but I've seen these on blogs and they're SO pretty, and eventually I caved and bought a couple! They arrived today and they're SO PRETTY!  I couldn't wait, so I just had a quick go over the polish I was already wearing, China Glaze Don't Make Me Wine.
moyou festive plate 2
The plates are quite large, and come with a solid plastic backing. They come with a pretty card envelope to hold them and to protect the plate.
moyou festive plate 02 2
This is the Festive plate 02, which is full of different snowflakes. I stamped using a bog standard cheapo white striping polish which is very thick and gloopy. Awful for striping, but I guessed it might be good for stamping, and it is!
snowflake stamping 1
Look! This was just a very quick attempt, so I haven't added topcoat or tidied up too much, but I'm SO pleased with how this looks!
snowflake stamping 2
I'm so excited about these plates now, and about trying out all sorts of looks! I'm a convert to stamping now!


  1. Turned out wonderfully, I made an order yday for a few image plates myself, they look gorgeous!

    1. Thanks!

      They have so many gorgeous plates, don't they?!

  2. Wow might have to invest in some of these stamping plates, they look lovely on your nails! :) I find gloopy polishes work well for stamping too haha!


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