Sunday, 15 December 2013

Nail Varnish Christmas Decorations!

I am SO excited about today's post! Ever since I saw this tutorial for nail polish ornaments at The Nail Network, I've wanted to make some of my own. But it turns out that clear glass baubles aren't easy to find in the UK. I looked EVERYWHERE I could think of! Supermarkets, craft shops, cheap decoration shops, expensive decoration shops, online... The only place I found any were Amazon (plastic and very expensive delivery) or Ebay (which I don't use). Then I remembered that I had these coloured glass baubles that I bought in Paperchase a few years ago.
polish baubles 1
I had two boxes of these. They're pretty, but a bit bland, and I don't think I bothered using them last Christmas. The other box (not shown) has two clear ones too.   So, I pulled out all the caps and wires, and got pouring!  I used lots of glitters, especially the ones that aren't brilliant on the nails (too smelly, too gloopy or too uneven, or all three). I poured them in, swirled them around, then stood the baubles upside down on the bottles to pour the excess back in. Then in some cases I was done, and just left them to dry, turning them around every so often to make sure any drips evened out. With some of the others, I did a second coat later to make the coverage denser. 
polish baubles 3
Aren't they pretty?!  Want to look in more detail? Well here we go, but it's picture heavy!
models own nail varnish baubles 1
The Models Own glitters worked really well. I wasn't a huge fan of them on the nails - they smell a bit, and are quite thick and don't lie flat. But they look stunning here!
models own mirrorball polish baubles 1
These are the Mirrorball collection polishes that I have.
models own firework polish baubles
These are from the Firework collection.
nail varnish baubles freak out 2

nail varnish baubles freak out
This blue is Freak Out. This was in a pale blue bauble.
nail varnish baubles boogie nights
This is Boogie Nights. I love how this one looks! This was in a clear bauble.
nail varnish baubles hot stuff
This is Hot Stuff, in a pink bauble.
nail varnish baubles rocket
This is Rocket, in a red bauble. You can't really see the orange/gold glitter, but I don't think it really matters!
nail varnish baubles catherine wheel

nail varnish baubles catherine wheel 2
This is Catherine Wheel, in a yellow bauble. I love this one!
nail varnish baubles yellow topaz glitter
Moving on to Barry M, this is Yellow Topaz Glitter, in a yellow bauble.
nail varnish baubles pink sapphire glitter
This is Pink Sapphire Glitter in a pink bauble. This polish was a bit sparse - I may put some more coats in later to improve this one!
nail varnish baubles jewel britannia
This is one that was labelled mysteriously last year, but which I think is Jewel Britannia. I love this one! It's in a clear bauble.
nail varnish baubles sle e 1
I think this one is my favourite! It's one of this year's Barry M Superdrug Limited Editions.
nail varnish baubles sle e 2
I mean - just look at it! This one was in a pink bauble.
nail varnish baubles barry m 1
Here it is again with another Barry M limited edition - this was the other Superdrug one, a silver holo glitter, in a grey bauble. This one looks much better in real life, but isn't hugely pretty either.
nail varnish baubles aqua glitter
And this is Aqua Glitter, in a blue bauble.
nail varnish baubles copper blaze
Moving on, this is Jordana Copper Blaze, in an orange bauble.
nail varnish baubles blind date
This is Kleancolor Blind Date, in a blue bauble.
nail varnish baubles aurora
This is Kleancolor Aurora, in a pink bauble. This one was really hard to photograph. It's really shimmery in real life!
nail varnish baubles across the universe
This is Deborah Lippmann, Across the Universe, in a blue bauble.
nail varnish baubles bad romance
This is another Deborah Lippmann, Bad Romance, in a purple bauble.
nail varnish baubles crown me already
Here is OPI Crown Me Already, in a grey bauble.
nail varnish baubles jupiter
This is American Apparel Jupiter, in a green bauble. This one was awkward - the formula was very runny.
nail varnish baubles nail junkie
This is Sinful Colors Nail Junkie, in a green bauble. This was disappointing, because the formula was too liquid to really cover and dry properly. It's still sparkly though.
nail varnish baubles glitter all the way
China Glaze polishes worked really well - they poured easily and covered well, and look really sparkly. This is Glitter All The Way in a green bauble. The green hides some of the colours (the purple isn't too visible) but isn't it pretty?
nail varnish baubles emerald sparkle
This is the beautiful Emerald Sparkle. It doesn't look much here, but it's so nice in real life!
nail varnish baubles be merry be bright
This is Be Merry, Be Bright, in a purple bauble. I love this one!
nail varnish baubles party hearty

nail varnish baubles party hearty 2
And last of all, here's the ultimate Christmas glitter, Party Hearty, in a red bauble. The red hides most of the green of Party Hearty, but still! Gorgeous!


  1. This is such a great idea! I can't decide which bauble I like the best - they all look so good! Your Christmas tree is going to look amazing with all of these on! :)

    1. Thank you! I took the photos in quite bright light, but I think they're going to look absolutely stunning when there's twinkly little Christmas lights with them!

  2. You just made me run to my tree and strip it of its clear, crystal "baubles" --I know it has 4, but only found 2! LOL!-- and got to pouring! Sinful Colors "Holiday Rebel" and KleanColor "Bridal Shower" made for some gorgeous ornaments. Once they dry I'm going to "layer" another polish inside. A nice silver for "Holiday Rebel" and a horrid, white, pearl for "Bridal" and see how that goes.

    On the up side, I was able to pour a ton of thinner into the KleanColor. Maybe now I can actually try to wear the darn thing! LOL!

  3. Wow, these are totally fabulous! Will now be keeping my eyes open for clear or transparent baubles!

    1. Thanks! If you see any, let me know where, because I totally need to make more, and can't find any.

  4. What a great idea! Love these :-)

  5. They look amazing! I don't have a tree or decorations this year, because the cats would just go mental and wreck it! I'm considering have an outside one next year!

    1. I like the outside ones! Could you just have high up decorations, out of cats' way?

  6. They look really cool! Did it take you a while? Sadly no clear Christmas baubles to decorate and also no creative input allowed on the family tree - mum's control. :(

    1. Thanks! It took a bit of time, but I had nothing else to do and it was a lot of fun. You could still have rebellious decorations in your own room perhaps?

    2. I think I'll do that! Would definitely improve upon the size of a small Christmas tree!


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