Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Jacava Toffee Apple

This is the last of the three Jacava polishes I treated myself to just before Christmas, and I think this is my favourite. I've now tried seven different Jacava polishes (some purchased, some won in Twitter competitions and some review samples) and I can honestly say they're all superb quality and I'm massively impressed with them.  ANYWAY, on to today's swatches! This is Jacava Toffee Apple, a lovely rich, deep red.

This is two coats, with topcoat. 

As with the other Jacava polishes I've tried, this could almost be a one coater, except that I tend to apply very thin coats, so I used two. If you apply slightly more generous coats, then one would be plenty. This is smooth and even, highly pigmented and dries to a really glossy shine. I only added topcoat out of habit really.

I love this! It's such a gorgeous, rich colour.  Some of the photos look a bit brighter red than it really is - it's definitely on the darker side of red; it really is that rich red colour of a toffee apple. I'd say the bottom two photos are the most accurate colour match. 

I was initially going to add some sort of embellishment to this - studs or decals or stamping or something, but I couldn't really decide what, and I realised that the reason I couldn't decide was that I liked this so much on its own!



  1. That's definitely a lovely red colour - doesn't need any embellishment!

    1. Thanks! It really is a good colour isn't it?


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