Friday, 10 January 2014

New Friday Challenge - BLING!

My work friend is one of the biggest supporters of my blog. This week, when I was feeling uninspired and unenthusiastic about my blog, he gave me a pep talk and also suggested he give me a theme to work on once a week!  So now... introducing my new regular page, the Friday Challenge!  

This week, the theme he gave me was Vegas Bling.  These nails were done with Barry M Christmas 2012 Limited Edition pink foil, and rhinestones in pink tones. 

I am happy with how blingy these are! They're not particularly Vegas, I know, but they're more interesting than most of my Friday nails.  

I haven't used rhinestones in ages! I always think they'll be fiddly, but they really aren't, and I always think they'll fall off and catch on things, and they really don't do that either. 

So, overall I'm pretty happy with these!


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