Saturday, 11 January 2014

Models Own & Dogs Trust Limited Edition

Today I have a lovely gold to share with you - Models Own asked if I'd like to review their limited edition polish that they've released in support of Dogs Trust, and of course I jumped at the chance.   Dogs Trust is the UK's biggest dog welfare charity, caring for over 16,000 dogs every year, and this polish celebrates the 35th anniversary of their famous slogan "a dog is for life, not just for Christmas". The colour matches the gold of their logo. 

Look what they sent me!  Not just one for review, but also "a couple" (their words!) to use as giveaway prizes!  This polish is only available on the Dogs Trust website here, with all proceeds going straight to the charity and helping to rescue and rehome dogs throughout the UK. 

Now, this polish is actually a rerelease of the Models Own shade 25 Carat Gold, which I already owned. So I decided to swatch my own bottle, and give all six bottles away as prizes!  Here are my Models Own golds to compare. 

Left to right are Gold Rush, Gold Digger, 25 Carat Gold, and the Dogs Trust limited edition.  I love all of them!

This is 25 Carat Gold, with 4 coats. It actually only needed two or three (three was perfect for me, because I like to use thin coats) but I was so absent minded that when I sat down after the third coat to add topcoat, I picked up the wrong bottle and instead added a fourth coat! But trust me, three was perfect. 

I love how shiny and bright this is. It's a very warm gold, and looks great in sunlight - not that we're having much of that at the moment!

I then decided to add something relevant to the theme, and drew some paw prints freehand using a Barry M nail art pen in black, to echo the cute paw prints on the bottle cap and on the tissue paper they came in. 

I'm really pleased with these!

While I don't have my own dog at the moment (I live on my own, and work full time, so it wouldn't be fair) I do love dogs, and would definitely rehome one if I could. I've always grown up with dogs.  

This is me with Billy Muffin... He was a good boy!

And this is me and Badger, who was a lovely, affectionate girl.

And this is my 'little sister' Minnie, who died in 2012 at a ripe old age. The Dogs Trust logo always makes me think of Little Min!

If you fancy getting your paws on one of these bottles of 25 Carat Gold, check out my giveaway, here!  There are six bottles to go to good homes. 

You can get more information about the Dogs Trust here. You can help by buying polish, donating money, sponsoring a dog, or even rehoming a dog, if you are lucky enough to be in a position to be able to support, socialise and train a dog for the rest of its life.  

This nail varnish is for humans, not dogs! Please don't paint your dog's nails!  Models Own polishes are all cruelty free - there is no animal testing at all, of either the ingredients or the finished products.


  1. Where's that comment gone? Great freehand pawprints! And I can't wait for the giveaway, you know me when it comes to a freebie!

    And I'd've recognised you in the first picture, but not the second, you look so different with short hair.

  2. Lovely gold colour and love your addition of the dog prints to it :)

  3. My two favourite things together; dogs and nail polish! I also love Dogs Trust and Models Own haha. In a couple of years when I'm in a better position I am going to adopt a dog from Dogs Trust. I have my own dog now, but people always say if you adopt a dog they love you even more, and it's only fair to give a dog a second chance at a happy life :)

    1. Yes, I know quite a few rescue dogs and they all ADORE their humans!


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