Saturday, 15 March 2014

Barry M Aquarium Collection - Mediterranean

Barry M's latest new collection is the Aquarium collection: six sea-related colours. There are 4 duochromes and two shard glitters.  I chose two of the duochromes, Caspian on the left, and Mediterranean on the right.

Aren't they pretty?  First up, I tried out Mediterranean, the pinky-gold one.  And just to warn you - this is going to be photo heavy, because it's PRETTY!

Did I say pretty? I mean DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!

This is three thin coats of Mediterranean, with no topcoat. Two coats would probably have been fine, but it's quite a sheer formula, so I added a third.  This is a lovely pinky gold foil that moves between deep pink to bright orange, via peachy gold tones. I ran round the house taking photos in every different light I could find!

Formula is fine - this is smooth and even, dries well and applies easily. The first coat is a bit sheer, as this is a foil, so the particles don't cover the entire nail straight away. 

It looks great in the sun. 

It looks great in the shade. 

I think it's a really flattering colour.

I think I love this polish!  Because I can never leave well alone, I decided to also stamp over it.  I used Barry M Gold Foil and MoYou London Nature 02 stamping plate. 

I used the peacock tail section of the plate to get this feather design. I think the combination works really well!

I like the subtle contrast between Mediterranean and the gold stamping - it's not too obvious, but it is pretty.

The Aquarium collection is out now in Superdrug, and costs £3.99 each. However, I bought these two yesterday on a 2-for-£6 deal, so you can get them cheaper.


  1. This is such a pretty colour! It looks great in all the light you took photos in! I love the subtly of the design you stamped too! I think I'm gonna have to pick up Mediterranean and I love the look of pacific as well from this collection - it's so hard not to resist buying all of them! :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, this colour is so pretty. I liked the look of the blue and green too, but I just don't wear as many blues or greens. I'll probably cave later though! I don't like the look of the two glitters - they're just too messy for me somehow.

  2. I'm trying so hard not to buy anything ever again, but I want this one too much to bear. Got to wait another week though, my local Superdrug sneakily closed late last year without telling me.

    1. That's very thoughtless of them!

    2. I know, shocking. I gave in to this one & Arabian (the green) in the end. You need Arabian more than you know, it's stunning.

    3. I know, I keep looking at the blue and the green....


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