Friday, 14 March 2014

Friday Challenge - Graffiti!

This week's Friday challenge is... GRAFFITI.

My favourite ever piece of graffiti is this - I snapped this photo in my town centre about 5 years ago. It's still there, and every so often I see it, and smile. 

 However, I decided not to recreate this on my nails.  Instead I did this.

This was done by splodging on a mess of a combination of Barry M Greenberry, Satsuma and Cyan Blue, and Models Own Bubblegum. Then I added a coat of Layla Bubbly Effect in Black Forest. On the ring fingers I did my initial (yes - Elanor isn't actually my real name!) in what is meant to be a graffiti-esque style, using Barry M Nail Art Pens in white, pink and silver, over a base of W7 Black. Doing my right hand was hard!

I was a bit disappointed with how black these are - I had hoped more colour would show through. I'd forgotten that the Layla Bubbly Effect needs a very VERY thin coat! My right hand looked lots better, because I did that second. I can't photograph that though! However, I'm still pretty pleased with these, as I do think they look quite graffiti-ish.

(You'll notice that my nails are all short and horrid - I ripped a nail off in a door at work, and had to cut them all short to match. Booooo!)



  1. Like you said its a shame the black didn't show the colours underneath. I see why you like that graffiti, it made me laugh too

  2. I like these ones, the colours are nice but wish I'd seen them on Friday so I could see your right hand.
    On another note, the Owl is fantastic and everyone liked it :)

    1. I think you maybe had something better to do on Friday!

      I'm glad you liked the owl! Jo said it looked good. :)

  3. Ruby's not my real name either ;)


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