Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Jacava Regent Street

When the new Jacava colours were announced, THIS was the one I most wanted to try. I mean - just look at it in the bottle!

This is Jacava Regent Street, a stunning berry coloured jelly polish with glitter hex pieces.  This is three coats, with topcoat. 

Application for this one is a little trickier than most other Jacava polishes, but only because the glitter can be a bit uneven, so you have to dab it around a bit to spread it out. 

Oh my word though, isn't it stunning?!  I tested this out on a swatch wheel over black and over purple creme, and that's lovely too, but this jelly sandwich effect of the polish on its own was just too gorgeous to not show you Regent Street this way. 

I really like the way this is a sparkly glitter, without being too over the top and blingy. The jelly base is so juicy and vibrant, I think it would look really good as a jelly polish without the glitter in too. 

I snapped this last photo in the evening sunshine as I got home from work, because I noticed that it was looking especially beautiful. I was hurrying, so didn't moisturise my skin, apologies for the dry cuticles. 

Incidentally, I've been using the Jacava topcoat for the last week too, and I really like it a lot. It's a clear topcoat with UV inhibitor, which apparently helps keep white polish white for longer in French manis. I don't usually wear polish for more than a couple of days anyway, so that part doesn't really mean much to me, but it is an excellent topcoat. It's smooth, silky, dries quickly to a super glossy finish, and protects the polish really well. All that makes it as good as my beloved Seche Vite. It also has the lovely Jacava brush of course, and is 8-free (which Seche most definitely isn't - I dread to think what's in that!) so that makes it better than Seche in my opinion!

This polish was provided for review. See my Disclaimer for more details. 



  1. That is stunning. I've been wearing a red jelly today (Models Own Red Sea - complete pain to apply), but nowhere near as pretty as yours.

    1. I was wondering about Red Sea the other day, and thought it looked interesting but awkward, so decided against it in the end.


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