Saturday, 17 May 2014

Magic Colour Changing Nails! Ruby Wing & Ferity

Today is really sunny! I have a friend coming round later and not much time for fancy nail art at all, but I did want to take advantage of the sun and use some of my UV sensitive colour changing polishes!

This is three coats of Ferity Sun Vision Angel Kiss, with Ruby Wing Rose on my ring finger. As you can see, Angel Kiss is a very pale pink, practically nude colour when it's indoors. Rose is a pretty silvery white glitter with a very slightly pink base.

Take them outside however... and there is quite a dramatic change!

Look at this! Angel Kiss turns to a pretty mid-shade of pink, and Rose goes bananas and turns a vivid raspberry pink. I have spend the last hour walking in and out of shade and waving my fingers around sunbeams. The colour change is almost instant, and changes back and forth easily.

I could have cleaned up a bit better! Because I put these on indoors I couldn't spot any areas needing cleanup! Next time, I'll paint outside I think.  


  1. Wow firstly you are lucky to have sun! It's been raining up here for days now! Secondly WOWOWOWOWO that looks amazing - both are quite different indoors and out. I have a good few of the first set of Ruby Wing polishes and absolutely love them :-)

    1. Thanks! Yes, the weather has been lovely here! Still is...

      And yes, I love the Ruby Wing polishes, they're so dramatic in the sunlight!


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