Thursday, 31 July 2014

July Nails Round-up

I've been playing around with the collage feature on Picasa, and ended up using all my July 2014 nails for a quick round-up post!

You can see all these nails on my blog in posts from this past month - thank you for reading and for your comments, they really are all appreciated!

I think my favourites from this month are the gold-orange gradient (bottom left) and the Wimbledon nails. What are your favourites? 


  1. I like the second from the left one on the top line.

    1. Ooh, thank you! Those glitters are fab - and they glow in the dark like crazy!

  2. This is scary! I can't believe how quickly July has gone in!

    The gold & orange gradient was mega cool and I did like crazy jewels one as well. The tennis one was just plain cool too :-)

    1. I know right? AUGUST tomorrow, what the hell??

      Ah yes, the jewels! I did like them a lot too actually. In fact, maybe I'll stick some on my nails for tomorrow!


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