Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Models Own Shades & Essence Glitz and Glam

Today I realised that I had still never worn the other Models Own Polish for Tans that I bought, Shades. I thought it was about time to remedy that.

This is two coats of Shades, with no topcoat.

I found this really difficult to photograph! It's a neon coral pink, but the photos look more orange than it really is I think. It definitely leans pinker than this.

It's a lovely colour though; I really like it.

And just look at it under UV light! Isn't that something?

Application is really nice, as with the other Polish for Tans range. No issues at all there. 

I decided not to leave it at that though, and added one of the new Essence sparkly glitters which I bought last week in Wilko's. This is one coat of Glitz and Glam over Shades.

Glitz and Glam is a clear base with pink and silver glitter and lots of tiny iridescent shimmery particles which have a white-green-pink sheen depending on the light. 

I think it's really pretty! I'm not so sure it goes so perfectly with Shades as a base colour, but it's still nice enough I think. I bet it would look amazing over a black or a dark purple though!



  1. Shades is so pretty - it really suits you! I love the glitter topper too - I might have to make a trip to Wilko now! :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, you definitely need to at least look in Wilko's! When I was there they were all 3 for 2, and the price was dirt cheap anyway. I got 6 for under £6.

  2. Wow this is really bright and looks funky under the UV. :-)

    Pretty Essence glitter. I'm so into them at the moment! I picked up two glow in the darks, one for me and one for my friend Nails Noob - as she had been after one when she was over and we never managed to get her one! They are just too tempting aren't they! :-)

    1. The Essence glitters are SO sparkly! I may have to pop in to town at lunchtime tomorrow - would be terrible if I found myself in Wilko again...


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