Saturday, 30 August 2014

New Barry M Gellys - Mustard and Chilli

There are six new colours in the Barry M Gelly range! They were released this week, and are some really autumnal shades. I bought 5 of them today - I didn't buy the grey one, because I already have a couple of greys which I rarely use. But as Superdrug had a 3 for 2 offer on, I also bought Mango, which was one of the earlier colours and which seemed to go really well with this set.

I started with the yellow one, Mustard. It's a bit of an odd shade, but I REALLY like it!  

One coat was almost enough, but I had a couple of slightly bare patches, so I did a second coat. It's lovely and smooth though, self levelling and dries quickly with a super glossy shine. 

Because the mustardy shade and the other browny-orange colours in the range remind me so much of those grungy 70s tones, I decided to use a pattern on the MoYou London Mother Nature plate 09 which already reminded me of 70s wallpaper.  I stamped using the reddy-brown shade, Chilli. 

OK, so the stamping isn't entirely neat and tidy or even, but I suppose that is in keeping with the 70s idea anyway. As you can see, I smudged a few bits and missed a few other spots.  Oh well.

I then added some Barry M Matte Topcoat to finish off the look.  

It's not the prettiest look ever... but I do somehow really like it! 



  1. I've seen these and wasn't so keen on them! But Mustard looks good here! I can imagine it with a gorgeous purple top :-)

    1. Ooooh, yes I bet it would look fab with purple! Good idea!


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