Friday, 15 August 2014

Rainbow Accent Nail

This week, one of my colleagues went to get her nails done at a salon, and asked for a rainbow accent nail. Apparently, they told her it couldn't be done! (They did a lovely skittle mani for her instead, but it was no rainbow!)  So I decided to do a rainbow accent nail myself. 

The main colour is Barry M Mist, one of the lovely Silk range. I then used a lot of different colours and lots of striping tape to make the accent nail.

Left to right in the photo above (I think!) are:  Models Own Pukka Purple, Rimmel Ultra Violet, Barry M Pink Punch, Barry M Blood Orange, OPI Roll in the Hague, Barry M Yellow, MoYou London Spring Green, Barry M Huckleberry, Barry M Guava, Barry M Blue Grape, and Models Own Pukka Purple again.

I'm really chuffed with how neatly this came out! It's a million times better than the first time I tried to make rainbow stripes!
What do you reckon? An improvement?


  1. It couldn't be done :-| Maybe the didn't know how to do it!!!!

    This looks really funky and I like the colours. The rainbow goes well with the silk Barry M :-)

    1. I'm certain they just didn't know how to do it! From what I see of the results of professional salons, they don't know a whole lot about nail art and think acrylics/gels and French tips are the only options.

      And thank you! Yes, I like the combination too.

  2. I cannot believe the salon said it couldn't be done! I really like your design ! You've improved a lot since you first tried the design! :)

    1. I know, it's mad isn't it! Thank you!


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