Saturday, 16 August 2014

Kooky Nail Fashionistas Wraps

I don't have a great track record with nail wraps - I've always found them quite fiddly and not as effective as I'd like. I'm always tempted by them though, as sometimes the designs are so fab!  So when I was contacted and asked if I'd like to try some Kooky nail wraps from their new Neon Me collection, I was torn! On the one hand, there's my rubbish track record. On the other hand... just look at the designs!

So that was an easy decision! I was sent a pack of the Camera Flare Neon Pink design, which is a design of neon pink, black and metallic silver dots. It's really metallic and SO shiny!

The instructions say to use the Kooky Dehydrator to cleanse the nails before application. I didn't have that, but I assumed it was basically acetone, so I cleaned my nails thoroughly with that, and went ahead applying them. 

It was a bit fiddly to find the right wraps for each nail in terms of size. Several of the wraps were just a touch too narrow, or a bit too wide, so I had to do some trimming, which was a bit awkward. It meant that there are one or two spots where the shape isn't totally smooth round my cuticles. 

I think the overall look is fab! They're so shiny and bright, which I really like. 

You can buy these from My Retail Beauty where these are currently on sale for £4.50 and also have free shipping. Some of the designs are really gorgeous! I especially like this one, which is a sort of neon/metallic ruffian which I could never do myself!

I'm still not convinced by wraps, I have to say. I think these are much, much better than wraps I've tried previously (which were thick, and ended up wrinkled and weird) as they are thinner and more easily moved around and smoothed out. If you're the kind of person with very evenly shaped nails, or quite flat nails, I bet you'd find these really easy to apply.  The designs are great, the price is excellent, and the quality is really good. However, I still find them quite fiddly on my narrow, curved nails, so I couldn't manage to get them absolutely smooth in every spot, which I did find annoying.  Maybe it just needs practice though! There are plenty of wraps in the pack (16 - all of which are enough for at least two nails) so I'll be able to have another go later!

These were provided for review purposes. Please see my Disclaimer for more details. 




  1. Now these look really something! I do like them :-D

    You know I've never tried wraps before. I bought a few cheap ones from the pound shop and never tried them! There are so many lovely styles out there!!!

    1. I think the super cheap ones really aren't worth it - I find them impossible to put on properly.
      These ones are fab though!


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