Friday, 26 September 2014

NEW Barry M Silk Swatches

So, I got a bit carried away with the new Barry M releases, and bought everything I could get my hands on. Today, I have swatches of the new Silk colours for you. 

I loved the first Silk colours that came out earlier this year; the pretty pastel range with the gorgeous silky matte finish and the fantastic quality. So when I heard there were three new colours for autumn, with rich berrry shades, I was very excited! Left to right here we have Poppy (the red one), Forest (the green one) and Orchid (the purple one). 

First up is Forest. This is two coats. Application on all of these polishes was excellent - smooth, even, quick-drying, and with a beautiful matte-but-silky finish. I found that two thin coats was better than one thicker one. 

Forest is a gorgeous shimmery dark green. As this was so pretty, I wondered what it would look like with topcoat... 

GORGEOUS is clearly the answer!

Next up is Poppy, a lovely red that's just on the autumnal side. I love this - it makes me think of autumn leaves and rusty autumn colours. 

Again, it's stunning with topcoat!

I mean - just look at it!

Last of the bunch is Orchid, the purple one, and I think my favourite. 

I love the way this looks with the silky sheen. It's just so eyecatching!

And glossy... well!

I don't think I have any colours quite like this, and I really love it. I can see this one getting a lot of wear this winter!




  1. These look amazing! :-D Lol do you still hate me now ;-) :-p hehe!

    I got these, 4 glitterati (they didn't have Starlet) and Persian. Then I picked up VIP and Masquerade! I couldn't find Twilight in Tesco though :-| I keep thinking that I might get Atlantis - but I'm not sure about that.

    So which ones did you get apart from these?? :-D

    1. Haha! No, you're forgiven now!

      I got these 3, 5 of the Glitterati (Starlet sold out here too) and Persian and Atlantis. My Tesco's doesn't stock Barry M sadly. Atlantis is nice, but maybe not an essential. What's Masquerade??

    2. So pretty much what I got! Masquerade is a lovely glitter - they have two new glitters this and one called Ruby Slippers (but they didn't have it in). The woman in Superdrug said that both Starlet and Ruby Slippers didn't come in - so I don't think it was sold out!

      Did you see the other new shades? I remember one being called Nightshade and I think there was another called Vintage Violet. They didn't look that appealing to me.

    3. Well! Masquerade and Ruby Slippers weren't in that press release thing I saw, how odd. I'll have a look for them next time.

      The other new shades - are they the purpley pink cremes? I thought they looked a bit ordinary. They weren't glitter and they weren't Gelly, so I gave them a miss.

  2. Might sound dumb, but what's the first swatch, the outdoor one? It looks very blue, rather than green.

    And if you can't find a Tesco stockist, let me know, my Tesco stocks them, and I need to send you a parcel anyway.

    1. Nope, the first one is Forest too. It's quite a bluey green, but it does look colder outside.

      My Tesco doesn't stock them, so if you do see a Twilight then I'd love one, thank you!

  3. I really like this finish in polishes and I am sure Barry M are great quality. Poppy is awesome both original and glossy!

    1. I like it too - they've got a shimmer and a sheen to them, without being totally matte. And of course you can add topcoat for a totally different look. I love all these colours!

  4. These are SO beautiful!! How amazing do they look with a topcoat! Really stunning! xx

    1. They're gorgeous aren't they? The red one (with topcoat) especially reminds me of the Models Own Diamond Luxe polishes...


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