Saturday, 4 October 2014

Laquerdaisical Jaffa Fake - My First Indie!

I recently won a couple of prizes in the huge Digital Dozen giveaway! I never win anything! I was thrilled to learn I'd won some UK indie polishes - I've never tried any before, and I was really excited.  I won a full size polish from Laquerdaisical, and being addicted to thermal polishes, I immediately chose Jaffa Fake, which I'd seen on Kerruticles' blog and had been lusting after ever since.
First up - I LOVE THE NAME!  I love Jaffa Cakes. I love puns. It's a winner.

Jaffa Fake is a dark brown jellyish polish, which is a gorgeous chocolate brown when cold, and a lovely jelly orange when warm. There's also a really pretty purpley gold shimmer in there too, which is particularly noticeable when the polish is darker. 

This is three coats of Jaffa Fake, with topcoat. The polish is quite sheer, especially when warm, so it could be worn with a creme base underneath. I really like it like this though. 

Here it is cold:

(It was really hard to get a photo of it all-brown! I've been boiling hot recently, and my hands won't stay cold long enough to get from the cold tap to the camera!)

Getting warmer:


Isn't it gorgeous? I really like brown polishes. I love orange. I REALLY love thermals. So this is a total winner for me. 

I don't know why I've never tried any indie polishes before! I know I hate PayPal and that puts me off a bit, but I have used PayPal successfully so that shouldn't really be something to put me off... Anyway, now I've tried one, I'm keen to try more, so come next pay day, there'll be stopping me!

Laquerdaisical polishes are made by Alexia, and can be bought from her online shop or over on her Facebook page.

I won this polish in an online giveaway.


  1. So glad you won such a great prize!

  2. This looks pretty cool! I'm tempted to try a thermo just to see what it is like. I've not got any indies either! :-)

    Why don't you like Paypal? Have you had issues with it?

    My husband managed to pick up Starlet, so it is in the shops now! Did you check the others - the glitters?

    1. I love thermals!

      Yes, I had problems with PayPal a couple of times.

      I've got Starlet now too!

  3. This is amazing!!

    Hope you don't mind, I nominated you for the Liebster award. :)
    Your questions are on my blog -

    1. Thank you! I'll pop over and have a look!


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