Thursday, 16 October 2014

Elanor's Nails Birthday Giveaway!

Elanor's Nails is THREE years old this month! I really can't believe I've been blogging that long - I still feel like a total newbie!  

I wanted to have a big giveaway to celebrate, and to thank my lovely readers. I really appreciate the support I get from you, especially the people who take the time to get in touch in various ways. I've made lots of new friends through this blog, and lots of new and inspiring nail people, and it seemed a perfect chance to thank you.  Lots of really lovely companies who I've reviewed for over the years have also been spectacularly generous, so I am really excited to have so many awesome prizes! 

I mean - just look at all this which you can win!  Because there is polish, I'm afraid I can't post outside the UK, so this is limited to UK entrants only, I'm sorry!  And because I can't post more than 4 bottles at a time, I've split this huge box of goodies into seven separate prizes, which means I'll be able to have seven separate winners. 

So, here are the prizes!

Prize 1 
The winner of this prize will get one pair of Pedi-Sox and one bottle of Sof-Spa foot cream by Pedi-Sox (see reviews here), one Models Own Hair Chalk (see review here), one pack of China Glaze nail polish appliqués (see review here), two bottles of Jacava polish, one bottle of Jacava Prestige Top Coat and one bottle of Jacava Prestige Base Coat (numerous previous reviews of Jacava polishes here, although not these colours as they are brand new!) 

Prize 2
Winner number 2 will get a pair of Pedi-Sox, a bottle of Sof-Spa cream, a Models Own Hair Chalk, a pack of China Glaze nail polish appliqés, a Jacava Prestige Top Coat and Base Coat, and two Jacava polishes.

Prize 3

Winner number 3 will get a Models Own Hair Chalk, a pack of China Glaze nail polish appliqés, a Jacava Prestige Top Coat and Base Coat, and two Jacava polishes.

Prize 4

Winner number 4 will get a Models Own Hair Chalk, a pack of China Glaze nail polish appliqés, and the three China Glaze polishes pictured (Get Outta My Space, Polarized, I Herd That).

Prize 5

Winner number 5 will get a Models Own Hair Chalk, a pack of China Glaze nail polish appliqés, and two of the new Models Own Diamond Dust collection, Princess Pink and Heart Red.

Prize 6
Winner number 6 will get 4 Jacava polishes, and 4 different nail vinyls by She Sells Seashells - one stripes, one lightning bolts, one chevrons and one set of spiders' webs. (I bought myself a whole bunch of these, see blog post coming soon, so these are a little extra from me!)

Prize 7

And finally, winner number 7 will get a Jacava Prestige Top Coat and Base coat, and two Jacava polishes. 

I want everyone to have lots of changes to win something, so there are loads of entry options in the Rafflecopter widget below. Enter as many or as few as you like. I wanted a little something to go to people who've been following the blog for a while though, so prize number 2 will go to a random person selected only from the correct entrants to my NAME THAT POLISH question!
All 5 polishes in this photo have been shown on my blog at some point over the last 3 years. All you have to do is name them! Leave a comment on this post naming them from thumb to pinkie, brand and colour name please.  If you're stuck, the first letters of each polish name, from thumb to pinkie, spell out something that looks good on nails!  I have turned on comment moderation for the duration of this giveaway, so that people can't see others' answers. If you leave a comment as Anonymous, please make sure there's some way for me to recognise you from the comment!  The photo above shows 2 coats of each polish, with no topcoat, basecoat, base colour or anything else. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All prizes kindly donated by companies or their PR, with the exception of the two Models Own polishes and the She Sells Seashells vinyls, which were bought by me.


  1. Aargh, can't get the green. Thought it was Peridot, but that doesn't work to make a word with the other letters!

  2. I think your polishes are...
    Thumb: Zoya Solange
    Index: Chanel Peridot
    Middle: Barry M Orchid
    Ring: OPI Take The Stage
    Pinkie: Nails Inc Sweets Way

    My email is so you can find the rest of my entries. Happy 3rd birthday!

  3. OK, I'm going for it - but it's probably wrong!:
    Zoya Solange
    Chanel Peridot
    Barry M Orchid
    OPI Take The Stage
    Nails Inc Sweets Way

  4. Thumb: Zoya - Solange
    Index: Models Own - Golden Green
    Middle: Barry M - Poppy
    Ring: OPI - Take The Stage
    Pinkie: Nails Inc - Sweets Way

    1. Aw, so close! Thank you for playing!

  5. OK I FINALLY got them all. It took me scrolling back to your SECOND EVER POST but I did it-I feel so accomplished right now *proud face*

    Thumb: Zoya-Solange
    Index: Chanel-Peridot
    Middle: Barry M-Orchid
    Ring: OPI-Take To The Stage
    Pinkie: Nails Inc-Sweets Way

    Also Happy Blog Birthday and thanks for the (fun!) giveaway =D

    1. Haha, thank you, and well done! *Proud face* is well earned.

  6. Happy 3 years!
    This giveaway is amazing! So hope I can win something!
    For the Facebook share, I shared it but couldn't figure out how to get a URL for the actual post, so I just linked to my facebook page, hope this is ok!? xx

    1. Thank you! And good luck!

      Yes, that's fine, don't worry. :)

  7. Hello Elanor

    For your Name That Polish, my answers are:

    Thumb: Zoya- Solange (pixie dust)
    Index: Chanel- Periot
    Middle: Barry M- Orchid (silks)
    Ring: OPI- Take the stage
    Pinkie: Nails Inc- Sweets Way

    This should spell out: SPOTS

    Happy 3rd bloggiversary too :-)

    stjärnor/ @coloursatnight

    1. Yay, also correct, well done and good luck!

  8. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and congrats on the birthday! My entries for the name the polish are
    1) Zoya Solange
    2) W7 Metallic Saturn
    3) Barry M Orchid
    4) OPI DS Luxurious
    5) Nails Inc Sweets Way


    1. Thank you! Not all right sadly though :( But thanks for having a go!

  9. Commenting again just to be sure as I hit enter before I finished typing it into Rafflecopter! I did try and edit but I don't know if it worked!
    From thumb to pinky:
    Zoya Solange, Chanel Peridot, Barry M Orchid, OPI Take The Stage, Nails Inc Sweets Way
    Spelling out Spots!

    @enigmamber on twitter.

    1. Yay, spot on! (Sorry!) Good luck!

  10. I remember that one of the first posts of yours I read was about a Barry M polish. I remember checking back each week as I began being interested in nail polish, but the post that amazed me was the Polish Spring Clean showing just how many you had! I just looked back and that was 2.75 years ago! I've been following this blog yonks!

    1. Wow that's so impressive! I'm so glad you enjoy reading and are still here. :) I knew you were one of my longest followers but I didn't realise it was that long either!

  11. OK. my guess...

    Solange - Zoya
    Peridot - Chanel
    Orchid - Barry M
    Take the Stage - OPI (which completely threw me because I was fully expecting Roll In The Hague or Riveting
    Sweets Way - Nails Inc

    (Kisses for you and your blog. I'm now wondering which colours I would have used for the same kind of mani - Orange You Hot would definitely have featured!)

    1. Well done, and good luck!

      And thank you! :)

  12. Wow what an amazing giveaway! I had to enter after seeing all those Javaca's you shared on BNB facebook heehee.

    Although I am 100% appalling at guess that polish. Sorry =/

    1. Hehe! Still loads of chances to win though!

  13. Happy blog birthday and what a fab giveaway :) x

  14. Yippee! That's so cool, thanks for hosting a lovely give away. :)

    1. Yay, you're welcome! And congratulations!


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