Saturday, 11 October 2014

Models Own My Midori Hair Chalk

Did you know that Models Own made hair chalk? I didn't!  You may remember a while ago when I reviewed some limited edition polishes, the My Midori collection (see review here). Well, these hair chalks are part of the same collection.  I was a bit dubious about them, as I've tried hair chalk before with no success at all. My hair is quite dark, and the chalk I tried last time wouldn't show up at all on my hair. 

The chalks come in a simple card packet. The chalk itself is in a cute little green plastic holder, which is really good because the shape is perfect to fit your hand, so that you can apply the chalk whilst not getting it all over your hand.

The process is pretty simple - wipe it onto your hair, spray with hairspray to fix. Wash off later with shampoo.  Easy peasy. The chalk itself is quite soft and creamy, so it was really easy to transfer to the hair. 
This is my hair before:

As you can see, it's quite a dark auburn colour, not something that I'd imagine would easily take on a colour like pale green... 

Haha! It's pretty effective! Not exactly PRETTY, but it certainly works. 
Do you like my pyjamas?

Now, I'm in my forties and not really the kind of person who can get away with going outside with green hair, so I don't think I'll actually be wearing hair like this anywhere! But I do think that this would be perfect for a Hallowe'en party or something, especially for kids, and especially for people with lighter hair. 

To go with my glamourous green hair tonight, I've been enjoying a lovely Midori cocktail! I love Midori - it's a Japanese green melon liqueur, which tastes sweet and tangy. I used to drink it back when I used to be really into cocktails, a few years ago. I haven't had any for a year or two though.  So I was really excited when the company also sent me some Midori to go with my hair chalk! How CUTE is the mini bottle?
I'm wearing three coats of Models Own My Midori, as reviewed in my previous post. I love this polish, it's so bright and juicy and smells lovely. 

Then I made this cocktail, called a Green Demon.  The recipe calls for 1 measure Midori, 1 measure white rum, one measure peach juice and a dash of lime juice.  I couldn't find peach juice anywhere for love nor money, so I used pineapple juice instead.  I shook the ingredients over ice and strained into a chilled cocktail glass.  And let me tell you - it tasted FAB. 


The Models Own My Midori nail varnish was a limited edition, so I don't think you can buy it any more. You can buy the hair chalk on the Models Own website for £5.99 though. It talks on there about it being ideal for summer festivals, so I don't think it's a totally new thing. I think it would be fab for Hallowe'en!  

If you like the sound of the hair chalk, I have some more to give away to my readers in a very exciting giveaway coming in the next few days! Keep an eye on the blog for your chance to win all sorts of goodies!

The hair chalk and the Midori was provided by the company or their PR for my honest review. Please see my disclaimer for more information.




  1. As you say, it would be great for Halloween, perfect witches hair!

    ps- love the jammies!


    1. Thanks! I thought of you actually when I saw the pyjamas! Sainsburys. :)

      It would make awesome witch hair!

  2. Okay, I've never heard of nail chalk until now.... . :-O It's looks pretty cool though. I don't think I'd wear it either, I'm a bit funny about having colours in my hair though! That was nice of them to send to a little bottle - something for the weekend ;-)

    1. I got some for Christmas last year, with looooads of different colours. They just don't show on my hair though, boooo. :(

      The Midori is delicious! I hadn't had it for years but I'll definitely get a bottle now. And yes, wasn't it nice of them? :)


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