Friday, 31 October 2014

Hallowe'en 2 - Bleeding Zombie Fingers!

About two months ago, I saw this pack of temporary tattoo things in Accessorize, and snapped them up! Finally this week I got the chance to use them.

These were £4 for a pack of 14. As you can see, there are a variety of sizes of dripping blood designs. The instructions are simple - you peel off the covering plastic, place them on the fingers, press down with a wet piece of fabric or kitchen roll and then peel off the paper.

First I painted my nails - I started with a base of Barry M Vanilla, and then sponged over a whole variety of splodges, all with Barry M colours. I used Mustard, Black, Grey, Berry Ice Cream and Blackberry, in varying amounts for that bruised and battered effect.  I then added a coat of Barry M Matte Topcoat. 

The transfers came out looking really shiny and blood-like, which I think looked fab! I loved how gory these look!

I like how the slightly gluey bits where they touch my cuticles in places actually make them look more realistic. 

I had hoped to keep them on all night and then wear them for work tomorrow, but sadly, the shiny finish was a bit sticky, and they got quite grubby rubbing against clothes and so on. I think if you were at a party or something, and only handling drinks, then you'd be fine, but these don't last overnight!

Still, I was pretty pleased with this look! 



  1. Talcum Powder on them maybe? Might have reduced the stickiness a bit. I LOVE the nails though, they're so gruesome =D

    1. Ooh, I wonder! I do still have 4 left, so I might try that. Although I suppose it would make them less red. But that might work too...

      And thank you!

  2. Haha these look cool! Nice effect with the nails and these too :-)

  3. Great find! I didn't see anything for Halloween in accessorize when I was looking! These are brilliant fun for a party!

    1. They're a lot of fun aren't they? I wasn't looking for these but found them by accident back in early September I think.


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