Saturday, 1 November 2014

October Round-Up

I was really pleased with my October nails overall!

I liked both sets of Hallowe'en nails, and I wore some stamping that I was very happy with. I tried two UK indies that I won in the Digit-al Dozen giveaway and I really liked the lightning bolt design using the Barry M Glitterati.

I also got the funniest spam in a while:

Which was your favourite design this month?



  1. Some nice designs here. I did like the two Hallowe'en themed ones :-) Quick month eh :-O

    Haha I get some crazy comments like that. I got one slagging me off something rotten, then a link for contact lenses - I was like wtf! It always seems to be the same posts that the spammers hit!

    1. Same here with the spam - always the same posts, mostly from ages and ages ago! They're usually nonsensical rubbish, but this one made me laugh.

      How could anyone slag you off, that's bizarre??! But I suspect it's not actual people, it's just bots hashing together random phrases from somewhere. But even so!


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