Saturday, 29 November 2014

Nail Geek - Makeup Revolution

Have you seen this new brand?  It's called Makeup Revolution and alongside their make-up, they have a nail range called Nail Geek. 

They recently sent me these five beauties to review! I know they're not very wintery or festive, but I chose the bright ones, because... well... look at them! I love a nice bright polish in the middle of a damp and gloomy November!

The green one is called Refresher, and I think it's my favourite.  This is two coats.

The first coat is quite streaky, and the formula is a bit on the tricky side, as it's quite thick. I think that's because of the glitter that's in there - in with the green creme, there is a load of shimmery pink microglitter, which is really interesting. It's not hugely visible, but it adds a nice shimmer and a bit of an edge to the green. It dries well though, and has a lovely glossy finish.

The yellow one, Holiday, is very streaky on first application, like many yellows. It's much better on the second, although still a touch uneven. Then suddenly on the third coat, it becomes really opaque and bright and zingy, and I really liked it! 

Next time I might do slightly thicker coats, and see if two coats are enough.
I wouldn't often wear an entirely yellow mani, but I can see this being useful for snooker nails and various summer nail art. 

The pink one is called Summer Lovin' and is a lovely bright, cheerful colour. This one had a really good formula, very smooth and even. It's a touch jelly-ish; two coats do leave visible nail line, but are lovely and glossy and bright.

This pink is almost neon, and is really hard to photograph - in real life it is much less coral than this, and more bubblegum pink.

The orange one, Flare, is the least streaky of the set. One coat is almost enough. This is two coats though, just for a perfect finish. The orange is very densely pigmented. It's a bit thicker than the pink and yellow, but less thick than the green. 

The blue one is called Into the Night (although actually, my bottle says Inot the Night) and is the most pigmented of all - the colour is very strong and rich. It's less bright than the others, but has a lovely deep colour and a glossy finish. 

I like the blue a lot. It's a very Tardis-like shade, which is always good in my book!

I was really impressed with this range. They're not perfect, and the colours aren't amazingly original, but then at £1.99 each, I wouldn't expect that. The quality is nice, the colour range that they have is really good - there are 45 different colours. They're available online here. The brush is decent, and I like the shiny pink print on the bottles. On their website, you can also buy any of their collections of five colours (this is the Paints collection) and get one of the five free.  It strikes me that the other collections would make really good ombre manicures too - like those expensive sets you can buy from some companies with five shades of one colour, but at a fraction of the cost and far easier to get hold of!

What do you think? Have you tried these, or would you?

These polishes were provided for my honest review. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.


  1. I must admit to having missed this brand! I wonder if they don't have it in the Superdrug stores I frequent? The colours so look nice :-)

    1. I think they're brand brand new!

  2. I would. I think I've missed them to. The orange is fab x

    1. I think it's brand new - they said something on Twitter today about launching Nail Geek, so maybe they aren't in shops yet. I've seen the brand in Superdrug, but there was only normal makeup, no nail polish yet. The orange is good isn't it?


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