Friday, 28 November 2014

Orly Color Blast - Royal Purple Color Flip

This is a polish I bought months ago, and hadn't got round to trying yet.  The Orly Color Blast range was new to large branches of Boots when I saw them, and the display was so beautiful that I was seduced into buying three bottles at about £9.50 each. 

This is Royal Purple Color Flip. 

This is three coats, with topcoat. The polish is quite sheer, but has a lovely jelly-like quality to it.  

The polish is a bright pinky purple jelly with lots of shimmery blue-purple particles that give a blueish duochrome effect in the right light.  The polish is much more purple in the bottle than it is on the nail, looking much pinker when it's applied.

This is really sheer - three coats still gave plenty of visible nail line, so next time I might try it over a creme base. I do think it's a really pretty colour though - it's bright and zingy and does have a lovely shimmer.   I find it quite pricey for what it is though.

What I do really like about these polishes is the lid - it's a nice rubbery texture with a lined pattern which makes it really comfortable to hold easily.  


  1. It's gorgeous! But they are so expensive aren't they! :-)

    1. Yes, when you think it's almost twice the price of a China Glaze, and more than OPI, and it's not perfect, then I think it's too much.


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