Thursday, 26 February 2015

Gold Chrome Water Marble!

I was intrigued to see whether the Models Own Chromes were any good for water marbling, and I wasn't ready to take off yesterday's Barry M Lychee, and I wanted to do something subtle and non-gaudy for once.  I ended up with this look:

This is a base of Barry M Lychee, and then a water marble created just using Models Own Gold Chrome and a clear polish.

I really love how this came out!

At arm's length, this just looks like a nude polish with perhaps a sheen of metallic shimmer. Then when you look closer, you can see the swirly pattern, which I think came out really nicely.

The colour and the pattern reminds me of wood grain, or the gold-edges pages of a fancy old book. 

The Models Own Chromes seem to work really well for water marbling - they spread out nicely on the water and still cover really well. I tested out a few of the other colours on some test nails too, and they all look great. I'm sure I'll have more coming up over the next few weeks. 

Incidentally - I had a moment of brain freeze here. I used latex for clean up on nine of my fingers. It's easy and clean and quick, and means hardly any actual clean up. But I forgot to use it on my right thumb, and spent five minutes trying to find the edge of the latex to peel it off, before I realised that there wasn't one, and that I'd managed to dip almost my entire thumb into gold paint. That took quite a bit of cleaning up!  


  1. It's actually really cool. I like it :-D

  2. Amazing watermarble! I love gold and this is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I was really pleased with it.

  3. the polish colour!!


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